Young Energy Professionals Network

Young Energy Professionals Network

The BusinessNZ Energy Council (BEC) has established a Young Energy Professionals Network (the Network).

This is a new and exciting opportunity for BEC members and others in the industry to build networks and broaden and deepen their understanding of the energy sector.

In the long-term, it is anticipated that the Network will perform many functions including the transfer of knowledge between professionals within the energy community but in the shorter-term, the Network will be focussed on developing a schedule of events to better inform the Network, and provide opportunities for networking. A schedule of events for the next six - nine months will be circulated in the near future, but will likely include a combination of:

  • Networking events
  • Seminars (external and internal presentations)
  • Roundtables
  • Site Visits

Environment and economic effects of new technologies - WELLINGTON, JUNE 2016

On June 8, the Young Energy Professionals Network hosted an event at the BusinessNZ Energy Council's offices exploring the effects of new technologies on New Zealand's greenhouse gas emissions. Simon Coates presented Part 1 of  Concept Consulting's three-part report looking at the environmental, economic and social impacts of new technologies. Part 1: Emissions Impacts looks at electric cars, solar panels and batteries, and considers the impact on emissions from the electricity and transport sectors, as well as embodied emissions produced during the manufacture of each technology. His presentation, also covered the recently released Part 2: Economic impacts looking at the benefits and costs of those technologies.

To view a copy of Simon's presentation click here

Asia Pacific Energy Leaders' Summit & Future Energy Leader/Young Energy Professional Network Workshops - Wellington, March 2016

On 16-17 March 2016, the BusinessNZ Energy Council and the World Energy Council (WEC) hosted the Asia-Pacific Energy Leaders' Summit, focussed on delivering Energy and Infrastructure Resilience. As a part of that, we held a NZ Future Energy Leader / Young Energy Professional Network workshop themed 'Investing in our Energy Future'. Around 25 of us got together for the workshop to deliver on our outcome "To become aligned on the barriers and opportunities to deliver a resilient energy system and generate a call to action for investing in our energy future".

We were lucky enough to have guest speakers Joan MacNaughton from WEC talk about financing energy systems, and Steve Alesech from Z Energy talk about Z's Biodiesel project – applying a lens of resilience considerations to these areas. We also went through the survey results and based on themes that came out of that, work shopped each theme and generated a number of 'calls to action'. We presented the workshop outputs at the Summit the following day. The three high-level calls to action we presented were:

  • Clear direction from government and stable policy
  • Share the NZ energy story across our society
  • Stimulate investment by engaging with financial markets

        To view our workshop presentation click here.

        To view a PDF of the high level survey results click here.

        To view the presentation from Joan MacNaughton on financing energy systems click here.

        To view our presentation to the Summit click here.

        Steve Alesech did not use slides but we did play a short video to familiarise people with the Z Biodiesel project, you can find that here.

To Join the Young Energy Professionals Network

There is no strict criteria around age or experience nor is there an expectation of financial contribution to the Network, at this stage. We are simply looking for professionals in the earlier stages of their career (rough guide of 0-8 years' experience) who have an interest in learning and sharing more about the energy sector.

We would like to issue a call for nominations from within your agency, or within your network of contacts, for representatives who you think would benefit from association with this group.

For more information

Please contact Jenny and/or Nathan to nominate representatives from your agency for the Network, or to understand more about the Network:

Jenny Lackey
Manager Strategy & Programme Portfolio
Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority

Nathan Bittle
Manager | Infrastructure Advisory
Transaction Advisory Services Ltd.

Links to the World Energy Council

The Network supplements existing links the BEC has with the World Energy Council (WEC). For example, the network may be a way of providing a pool of young energy professionals from which the BEC could select New Zealand's Future Energy Leader Programme (FELP) cohort for the next WEC World Energy Congress, in Istanbul, Turkey in 2016.

For more information on the work WEC,  FELP, and the BEC do can be found here: and here: