BEC Events 2016

1 02.08.2016 BEC Meeting & Lunchtime Seminar Fraser Whineray, CEO MercuryConfirmed BusinessNZ What keeps Energy Leaders' awake at night?
2 28.09.2016 After-Work Speech Alison Andrew, CEO TranspowerConfirmed BusinessNZ New Zealand’s power system is on the cusp of significant change
— a change that over the next ten to forty years will affect all of us as business owners, consumers, or infrastructure providers. So what will that look like? What does it mean for us?
3 08.11.2016 BEC Meeting & Lunchtime Seminar Simon Mackenzie, CEO VectorConfirmed BusinessNZ Adaption of new technology into the electricity sector.

BEC Events 2017

1 21.02.2017 BEC Meeting Council
2 21.03.2017 Breakfast Hon Judith Collins, Minister of Energy and ResourcesConfirmed BusinessNZ Energy approach to the delivery of balanced energy outcomes across the ‘Trilemma’ dimensions of energy equity, energy security and environmental sustainability.
3 15.03.2017 Seminar Prof. Mark O’Malley, University College of DublinConfirmed BusinessNZ  
4 26.04.2017 #1
Meet the Climate Change Leaders’
Kay Harrison, Lead Negotiator, International Carbon Markets for the Ministry for the EnvironmentConfirmed
Jo Tyndall, Co-Chair of the APAConfirmed
BusinessNZ PANEL
Thefirstof 2 presentations in our Meet the Climate Change Leaders’ series.
5 23.05.2017 #2
Meet the Climate Change
Leaders’ & BEC Meeting
Mike Bennetts, CEO Z-
BusinessNZ Thesecondof 2 presentations in our Meet the Meet the Climate Change leaders Series.
6 30.06.2017 BEC
Lunchtime Seminar:
The transition of the German energy market
Tina Schirr Energy Policy Advisor, BECConfirmed MBIE Tina Schirr, Energy Policy Advisor at the BusinessNZ Energy Council, will talk about the extraordinary transformation of the energy sector Germany has undergone by retiring both Nuclear Generation, the decarbonise of the energy system and insights for NZ.
7 02.08.2017 BEC Energy Pre-Election Panel Energy Spokes PeopleConfirmed BusinessNZ The Minister of Energy and Resources, along with the energy spokespeople from four other political parties, outline the policies they’ll be taking into the 2017 election campaign, across the range of energy issues.
8 22.08.2017 BEC
Lunchtime Seminar + BEC Meeting
John Hancock, Management ConsultantConfirmed BusinessNZ The New Zealand’s market-led approach to the smart grid.
9 22.09.2017 BEC
Lunchtime Seminar: Current development in China’s energy strategy and implications for NZ
Professor John Mathew from the Macquarie University SydneyConfirmed BusinessNZ John Mathew will talk about current developments in China’s energy strategy and implications for NZ
10 21.11.2017 Last BEC Meeting 2017 Council

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