The GLOBE NZ Consultancy Project

As part of its work, GLOBE-NZ is contracting a London-based consultancy firm, Vivid Economics Ltd, to complete an independent report on alternative pathways for New Zealand's transformation toward a low-emission economy.

Drawing from New Zealand information sources and international best practice, the report will assess mitigation opportunities, costs and co-benefits; barriers to progress; and integrated policy options for unlocking mitigation opportunities.  Vivid has conducted previous work on climate change mitigation and green growth in New Zealand. 

This project covers the period September 2016 to February 2017.  To enable engagement with New Zealand experts and sector representatives, it will include a series of visits to New Zealand by members of Vivid over that period. 

The first visit (21- 29 September) involved the Director of Vivid, John Ward. It was Mr Ward's intention to gain an initial insight into the current (post-Paris) climate policy situation in New Zealand, brief key experts and sector groups on the project, and set the stage for more in-depth engagement during a visit by members of Vivid's broader team starting in late November.

The funding for the project is provided by New Zealand-based foundations, companies and individuals, and also by Wellington-based embassies.

By enabling an independent synthesis of the latest information on climate change mitigation opportunities in New Zealand and international best practice, we hope that this project will help to inform parliamentary debate and deliberation and future decision-making by government, business and civil society.  We also hope that it will create a foundation for further collaboration among New Zealand's modelling and sector experts.


GLOBE-NZ is a cross-party group of MPs in the New Zealand Parliament which forms a national chapter of GLOBE-International:

Its purpose is to inform participating MPs on global environmental issues including in particular climate change. To that end it convenes briefings for members by recognised experts, receives authoritative reports to share, and explores the development of national climate policies around the world

The New Zealand chapter has existed since October 2015, and is currently composed of 33 MPs from across all seven parties currently represented in Parliament.  It has an Executive Committee of six MPs.

Download the GLOBE-NZ brochure: