Survey highlights the rise of energy system uncertainty

The World Energy Council's World Energy Issues Monitor 2017, including the fourth annual energy issues map for New Zealand, shows New Zealand's energy sector is not immune to the growing global and domestic energy system uncertainty. It's keeping our energy executives awake at night.

"Looking at the updated New Zealand issues map it is increasingly obvious that a new energy system is upon us," says Hon David Caygill, Chair of the BusinessNZ Energy Council (BEC).

Electric storage, innovative transport, the climate framework and market design and digitalisation are now closely clustered in the top right hand quadrant of the map highlighting the likely high impact survey respondents have attached to them.

But what is less obvious is what the change will be and how policy makers and businesses will respond to the increasingly rapid emergence of new market opportunities and business models, says Hon David Caygill.

This even affects issues which in previous years have traditionally been those that energy executives simply got on with - renewable energies and energy efficiency. These usually stable issues are increasing in uncertainty.

In a post-Paris Agreement world, energy executives and policy makers are more and more grappling with an uncertain future of a new innovative energy market as well as how to respond to the increasingly certain low carbon direction of travel in their investments and policy settings.

One thing is clear – energy resilience – the challenges it creates and the new and innovative policy, finance and consumer responses to achieve it – are weighing on the minds of New Zealand energy executives in both the public and private sectors.

David Caygill says uncertainty is why the BEC commenced its scenarios work in 2014. Scenarios help us think about the risks and opportunities different futures might hold and allow us to make better informed, more robust decisions.

The ever-changing nature of New Zealand's energy system highlights the importance of policy stability and the need for predictable long term settings that will deliver balanced policy across the dimensions of environmental sustainability, affordability and energy security. This will give businesses the confidence to continue to invest and create jobs.

2017 World Energy Issues Monitor
2017 New Zealand Energy Issue Monitor

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The 2017 Energy Issues Monitor
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