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  • BEC NEWSLETTER - April 2018

    Date Added: 12th April 2018 from

    The principle of supplier and technology neutrality is paramount as we consider regulatory changes. Energy systems are complex and interconnected. Government intervention to alter competitive market signals should be undertaken with caution. Policies that allow or force non-competitive outcomes (such as delivering a particular type of generation, technology, resource availability or fuel-type use) will shift investment patterns to the country’s overall detriment.

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  • BEC NEWSLETTER - March 2018

    Date Added: 1 Mar 2018 from BusinessNZ

    Unlocking greater consumer choice and participation requires efficient price signals that fully internalise and reflect costs. Without this, innovation cannot hope to deliver the outcomes sought, nor can appropriate investment decisions be made, including how to maintain system security. Consumers benefit most where prices reflect costs and the widest possible competition for new energy products and services is encouraged.

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  • BEC NEWSLETTER - February 2018

    Date Added: 12 Feb 2018 from BusinessNZ

    Back to business! 2018 will require all of our energy as we are running a schedule full of projects this year. Amongst other things, together with our members, we will be kicking off a new BEC scenario project, hosting a major international conference and shaping New Zealand's energy agenda.

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  • BEC NEWSLETTER - December 2017

    Date Added: 11 Dec 2017 from BusinessNZ

    We are delighted to announce the release of our post-election briefing, setting out key issues that need to be addressed by government and the energy sector. BEC members say they want to participate in active, competitive energy markets that encourage innovation and consumer choice and businesses. But what are the core elements for achieving such positive outcomes while solving the energy trilemma?

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  • BEC NEWSLETTER - November 2017

    Date Added: 11 Dec 2017 from BusinessNZ

    We are pleased to welcome Powerco as a new BusinessNZ Energy Council (BEC) member. Powerco is the second-largest gas and largest electricity distributor in NZ. Its network delivers electricity and natural gas to households around the North Island from the national electricity transmission network Transpower and the natural gas transmission system owned and operated by First Gas. The BEC is looking forward to working together with Powerco.

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