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  • Overseas projects may have role in NZ carbon target

    Date Added: 27 Apr 2017 from BusinessNZ

    New Zealand's renewable electricity experts may be able to earn carbon offset overseas once multi-lateral trading systems are set up.Kay Harrison, the Ministry for the Environment's lead carbon markets negotiator, says New Zealand's industry expertise is an opportunity to participate in large-scale projects that increase other countries' renewable capacity.

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  • Brochure GLOBE

    Date Added: 21 Nov 2016 from BusinessNZ

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  • The GLOBE NZ Consultancy Project

    Date Added: 18 Nov 2016 from BusinessNZ

    As part of its work, GLOBE-NZ is contracting a London-based consultancy firm, Vivid Economics Ltd, to complete an independent report on alternative pathways for New Zealand's transformation toward a low-emission economy.

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  • Our place within the World Energy Council

    Date Added: 23 Feb 2015 from BusinessNZ

    Article by Rob Whitney, Chair BEC, on the role of the BusinessNZ Energy Council in helping New Zealand plan for our energy future, published in EnergyNZ Perspectives 2015.

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  • Brian Fallow: The tricky trilemma of energy policy

    Date Added: 24 Mar 2014 from BusinessNZ

    The Herald’s Brian Fallow talked to the World Energy Council (WEC) secretary-general Christoph Frei when he was in New Zealand recently, and heard some sobering facts about the likely impacts of climate change, including the impacts on New Zealand.

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