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  • BusinessNZ Energy Council welcomes winter energy payment

    Date Added: 14 Dec 2017 from BusinessNZ

    The BusinessNZ Energy Council (BEC) welcomes the announcement of a winter energy payment, which will help those Kiwis who find it difficult to pay their electricity bills.

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  • BusinessNZ Energy Council positive about energy future

    Date Added: 12 Dec 2017 from BusinessNZ Energy Council

    The BusinessNZ Energy Council (BEC) has released its post-election briefing setting out the conditions required to unlock a positive energy future for New Zealand. BEC Chair David Caygill says New Zealand’s energy systems have provided a sound foundation so far, but the new challenges we face will require new and innovative responses from regulators, energy businesses and consumers.

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  • NZ ranked in top 10 in global energy comparison

    Date Added: 16 Nov 2017 from BusinessNZ

    Ranking ninth in the World Energy Council’s Energy Trilemma Index, New Zealand is the only non-European country in a top ten led by Denmark and including Germany and the UK. According to BusinessNZ Energy Council Chair, David Caygill, this high ranking demonstrates "a consistent approach to the pursuit of balanced energy polices” making New Zealand “well-placed to keep up the pace”.

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  • Parties unite on removing LFC

    Date Added: 3 Aug 2017 from BusinessNZ

    The legislated low-user fixed charge has become a “middle-class subsidy” for electricity and needs to be scrapped or replaced, the country's political parties agree. Labour Party energy spokesperson Dr Megan Woods says the most vulnerable families in terms of energy poverty in her Wigram electorate office are not small households with solar panels, but “very large families”.“They are probably living in uninsulated rental accommodation and they're the ones not getting the benefit, so I absolutely don’t think it meets the needs that I think it needs to.”“It can be seen as a middle-class subsidy now.”

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  • BEC
    New report sheds light on energy and transport sector’s emission reductions

    Date Added: 7 Apr 2017 from BusinessNZ

    The BusinessNZ Energy Council (BEC) today released the second in its series of reports on energy scenarios to 2050. This report looks at the contribution the energy and transport sectors can make to emission reductions.

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