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  • Businesses struggle with pace of digital change

    Date Added: 27 Feb 2018 from BusinessNZ

    Howell, former Goldman Sachs investment banker, says that rate of change is faster than incumbent businesses can react. Over time, the space between technology change and business change creates an “opportunity gap” for new models to exploit.

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  • NZ future energy leader joins global board

    Date Added: 2 Feb 2018 from BusinessNZ Energy Council

    The BusinessNZ Energy Council (BEC) is delighted with the appointment of Bennet Tucker from Transpower, a member of the New Zealand Young Energy Professionals Network, to the WEC board for global future energy leaders, the FEL-100.

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  • YEPN looks to move beyond Wellington

    Date Added: 19 Jan 2018 from BusinessNZ Energy Council

    The Young Energy Professionals Network aims to have an autonomous chapter in Auckland by September as it looks to grow its membership in 2018. The group has about 120 members. Most of these are based in Wellington but YEPN co-chair and Powerco gas asset strategy manager Nicolas Vessiot says the group wants to reach those outside of the capital city.

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  • World energy and the ‘grand transition’

    Date Added: 14 Dec 2017 from BusinessNZ Energy Council

    The ‘3Ds’ – the global energy sector is being transformed by three trends that are impacting demand and supply at an unprecedented pace: decarbonisation, digitisation and decentralisation. The energy system is in transition. New technologies and systems are set to revolutionise the way we produce and consume energy. These new technologies will lead to unprecedented levels of efficiency and require new ways of thinking. What are the key elements to achieve this transformation? What new skills are required across the energy sector to support the change?

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  • The 3Ds - three trends impacting the global energy sector at an unprecedented pace:decarbonisation, digitisation, & decentralisation

    Date Added: 5 Dec 2017 from BusinessNZ

    The rapidly emerging trends of decarbonisation, digitisation and decentralisation require fundamental changes in regulatory approaches and prompts a rethink of who can participate in the energy market. But at the moment, the global energy sector is uncertain whether regulations can keep pace with the changes.

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