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  • Breaking boundaries - The changing role of technology

    Date Added: 22 Feb 2018 from BusinessNZ

    In an increasingly data driven world, one where technology innovation has little respect for traditional industry boundaries, the energy sector needs to rethink its traditional business model. We have heard Lawrence (Larry) M. Howell sharing his experience and insights on the evolution of technology and its drivers. Larry also discussed his perspectives on what technology will flourish or fail and why, and on the role of government in the encouragement of new innovative technology.

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  • Minister of Energy and Resources speech at BEC's final meeting for 2017

    Date Added: 23 Nov 2017 from BusinessNZ

    Newly appointed Minister of Energy and Resources, Dr. Megan Woods speech at the Business New Zealand Energy Council final meeting for 2017

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  • World Energy Scenarios 2060

    Date Added: 11 Jul 2017 from BusinessNZ

    We were delighted to host Christoph Menzel, Manager of the World Energy Council (WEC) Scenarios 2060, at our exclusive BEC member-only roundtable. Given the importance of the WEC scenarios and the fact that we will look to leverage off them in our next BEC2060 scenario work, Christoph’s presentation was a unique opportunity to better understand the WEC2060 scenarios released in October 2016 at the World Energy Congress in Istanbul.

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  • Energy Systems Integration and its role in integrating variable renewable energy

    Date Added: 17 Mar 2017 from BusinessNZ

    As greater integration of fluctuating renewable energies causing technical and security challenges the BEC invited Mark O’Malley, Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University College Dublin to speak about about the role of the Energy Systems Integration (ESI) and challenges policy makers and businesses are facing.

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  • Data key to Vector investment decisions

    Date Added: 10 Nov 2016 from BusinessNZ Energy Council

    "We do not think of ourselves as a utility - we are a technology company." Simon Mackenzie says there is a "big shift" happening in the industry, and called on equipment manufacturers to better meet networks' changing needs. Electricity assets need to be smaller, cheaper and modular and don't need to last 40 years any more. That equipment also needs to be smart. Mackenzie says the software controlling devices will play a much greater role in delivering services. An example is BMW's plan to install identical motors in all its vehicles but then offer software upgrades to access additional performance. "You can buy an upgrade to a Motorsports series for a weekend and go back to a 316 when you want to drive normally," Mackenzie says. "There is no rational reason why that sort of thinking shouldn't be coming into a lot of the energy sector and particularly the manufacturers."

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