Frequently Asked Questions

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FrequentlyAsked Questions

Q: What if I want to stop or need to pause my involvement?

Easy – just let us know by emailing

Q: What happens if I don’t hear from my mentee?

Feel free to email us or your mentee directly yourself.

Q: It’s my first match as part of the YEPN Coffee Catch-Up, what should I expect?

Below we have provided an illustration of how your catch-up is meant to work:

Kate signs up looking to meet mentors in the energy sector. Sam signs up as a mentor to contribute to the energy sector.

In September, Kate and Sam are matched to meet. Kate emails Sam to ask when he is free, and they agree to meet for coffee on Monday the 14th.

Kate and Sam catch up and have a great chat about their respective roles, how they’ve got to be where they are today, the weather, current challenges facing the sector… then it’s time to get back to work. They agree to catch up again sometime in the future, each knowing it will be up to them to make it happen at some later date.

Q: Is it okay for me to be matched with a competing firm?

Yes, provided you are both comfortable to meet, keeping in mind Commerce Act obligations. You may want to acknowledge any potential conflicts or topics you can’t discuss with your match and decide if you want to go ahead and meet. It might be a good idea to talk to your employer about your involvement in the programme if you have any concerns of this sort.

Q: Will I be matched every two months?

We have more mentees than mentors in both Auckland and Wellington. Rather than issuing a bye, we will match mentees together if not matched with a mentor that round. We do this as we see value in connecting people who share passion for energy at any level of their career.  If two mentees are matched together then you will very likely be matched with a mentor in the following round of matching.