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Future Energy Leader (FEL)

Links to the World Energy Council

The Network supplements existing links the BEC has with the World Energy Council (WEC). For example, the network may be a way of providing a pool of young energy professionals from which the BEC could select New Zealand's Future Energy Leader Programme (FEL-100) cohort for the next WEC World Energy Congress.

More information about the FEL-100 program can be found here.

New Zealand's Future Energy Leader

The BusinessNZ Energy Council (BEC) is pleased to announce two young New Zealanders are on their way to becoming the next generation of New Zealand's energy leaders, capable of solving the world's most pressing challenges around energy and sustainability.

Bennet Tucker from emsTradepoint, and Daniel Gnoth from Powerco have been chosen by the World Energy Council to join its Future Energy Leaders' Programme - the FEL-100 - an exclusive group designed to help shape, inspire and grow energy leaders of tomorrow.

Bennet Tucker - FEL Secretary
Market Security Services Manager, System Operations

Daniel Gnoth
Senior Analyst

Buddhika Rajapakse
Trading Analytics Team Leader