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Past YEPN Events around the country

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Wellington - Young Energy Professional Network event

18 Dec 2018 | Wellington

Join us for a FREE event, with beer and pizza of course, and hear some of the highlights from the 2018 Asia-Pacific Energy Leaders’ Summit and the 2018 APEx conference.

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Wellington - Start-Up Energy Transition Network event

1 Nov 2018 | Wellington

Join us for a FREE event, with beer and pizza of course, and hear from the most innovative, savvy and promising start-ups of the SET 100. The Start Up Energy Transition (SET) is a leading international platform supporting innovation in energy transition. Don't miss out the opportunity to link with ike-minded people from various fields, share your experiences building a start up and promote innovation to make global energy transition a success

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Wellington - Balanced Energy Policy in an Era of Innovation

14 Dec 2017 | Wellington

The ‘3Ds’ – the global energy sector is being transformed by three trends that are impacting demand and supply at an unprecedented pace: decarbonisation, digitisation and decentralisation. The energy system is in transition. New technologies and systems are set to revolutionise the way we produce and consume energy. These new technologies will lead to unprecedented levels of efficiency and require new ways of thinking. What are the key elements to achieve this transformation? What new skills are required across the energy sector to support the change?

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